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DJ-Tech Kontrol One Midi Map for Mixxx

Here we have a USB-Midi controller from DJ-Tech(not DJ Tools) called Kontrol One. It is a single deck controller that have selector for four separate deck. So you can control four deck with same controller.

Still there is one inchi binchi problem with midi output data, because it sweeps through every led states starting from channel 1 to 4. With less powerfull PC it might be blinging leds that should not. For me it was enough, that buttons function, leds were just something extra. I'll be back with better code when I have time to make it happen.

Downloadable files:
Midi map 1dj-tech-kontrol-one_midi-map-1.jpg
Midi map 2dj-tech-kontrol-one_midi-map-2.jpg
Zip fileDJ-Tech-Kontrol-One_for _mixxx.zip

Button behaviour

x: behaviour[behaviour with shift enabled]

0: Tempo slider
1: Deck Select
2: Move Beatgrid left-right / Beatgrid moves to align with current play position.
4: Scrolls through libraries. / Toggles (expands/collapses) the currently selected sidebar item.
5: Scrolls through tracks in the track table. / Load track to first stopped deck.
6: Quantize
7: Keylock
10: (set) Hotcue 1 [Delete hot cue 1]
11: (set) Hotcue 2 [Delete hot cue 2]
12: (set) Hotcue 3 [Delete hot cue 3]
13: (set) Hotcue 4 [Delete hot cue 4]
14: 1 beat loop [1/16 beat loop]
15: 2 beat loop [1/8 beat loop]
16: 4 beat loop [1/4 beat loop]
17: 8 beat loop [1/2 beat loop]
18: (de)Activate loop and slip mode [Loop in]
19: Slip mode on [Loop out]
20: Loop/2 [Move loop 1 beat to left]
21: Loop*2 [Move loop 1 beat to right]
24: Shift on [Shift of]
25: Jog wheel: pitchbend [Scratch when touched]
26: Sync
27: Cue [Reverse with slip]
28: Play/pause